5 Trends That Logo Design Companies in The World Are Following

The year 2016 has brought many changes to the designing world. Many well-known companies have changed their logo with respect to the emerging trends worldwide. However, there are many who did not succumb to this bullshit theory and thought of keeping things as they were in the past. Although it seemed a good option for them at first, it did not have a positive effect on their business.

To run a smooth business, it is necessary to have a good reputation of your company. Logo design companies seem to know this fact for good and this is the reason they always thrive to create the best appearance for their clients. This year, they have shortlisted on 5 hot trends for designing their client’s logo. Let us check them out –

Mono-Line Designs

It is all about Mono-line designs now. It generally involves a single and unified line. The designer uses this line throughout the logo and does not mix with other unnecessary items. This way, the style remains simple and at the same time remains cluster free. A good background makes the logo attractive and beautiful to look upon.

The Word-Mark

Word-marks have always been a favorite of designers. However, such designs need a lot of research on the company and the product that they sell to their customers. This trend of word-mark was pretty much popular in the earlier years. In 2016, this trend of using waters marks have once again emerged and designers are willing to make the most of this. If you look around, then will find many popular companies have gone through this process and luckily this had a good effect on their reputation.

Negative Space

Only clever designers can make the most of the negative space logos. A lot of hard work is behind the most popular negative space designs. The correct usage of space and colors can create some memorable designs. In this year 2016, this style has once again made a roar in the designing fraternity.

Dual Tone Logos

Dual colors or using two colors in your logo is the most promising idea now. It is necessary that you look for the options that will make the logos brighter and not busy. The dual tone was originally implanted to make logos look better in web pages. This year, the trend is to use two colors in the right measure to create history for your company.

Handmade Logos

Yes, this design technique was prevalent in the age-old days, when there was no option of technological advance equipment. However, that trend of the past is back and this time with more precision. Publishing companies and small bookstores are trying to make their reputation playful. To make this, they want to have a logo that is playful and yet at the same time describe their vision in the right degree.

Handmade logo designing technique fits the bill for them and this year, they ask for such style has risen vehemently. So, now that you know the trend that is prevailing in the market, it will be easier for you to ask your Logo design company to style a good appearance for your business.